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Ministry of Students and Youth


The position of Minister of Students / Youth is a full-time position reporting directly to the Pastor.   The primary responsibility of this position is to be a minister to students and to coordinate the youth ministry program of the church.   Student ministries include planning, developing, and implementing programs, activities and events for middle school, high school and college students. 


* Plan, develop and implement Sunday School, Sunday night and Wednesday night small group, and Bible Study curriculums and discussion topics that are relevant and age appropriate for middle school and high school students.
* Plan, develop and implement recreational activities that provide opportunities for Christian fellowship and fun as an integrated part of student ministry programs.
* Prepare an annual calendar of student ministry events for grades six through twelve.
* Conduct periodic parent meetings to review student ministry programs and to seek input and hear concerns.
* Plan, develop and implement a quarterly ministry for college students, incorporating Bible Study, leadership opportunities and recreational activities.
* Communicate with youth and parents through texts, emails and weekly calendar updates.  Provide materials for the weekly Church newsletter.
* Teach Bible studies and coordinate lay leaders to assist in teaching.
* Provide counseling and ministry to individual students and parents when needed.
* Interact with students socially and be involved in their lives outside the Church.
* Develop reasonable and sound budgets for student ministries, seeking advice from the Pastor and lay leaders in the budget process.
* Manage receipts and expenditures of the student ministry to meet the requirements of the budget.
* Consult with the Pastor, Church staff, and lay leaders to be sure activities follow the policies, procedures and ministry goals of the Church.
* Consult and coordinate with the Pastor, Church staff and lay leaders in the planning, development and implementation of ministry programs and events.                     
* Annually update and evaluate student ministries.
* Set an example through presence and participation in worship services and other Church activities and provide encouragement for students to also participate.
* Provide opportunities for youth to be involved in ministry and missions.
Position requires an individual with a passion for service and for teaching middle school, high school, and college students Christian perspectives for dealing with issues, overcoming challenges, and meeting needs in their lives and families.  A loving and patient heart, along with organizational and leadership skills, are strongly desired in this position.
Position requires an average of forty hours per week with spikes in the workload that occur due to mission activities, camps, special trips, needs of students and/or parents, etc.  Work will be performed both in and out of the office.  Employee must demonstrate wise time-management.
A four-year undergraduate degree and current enrollment in Divinity School is desired, along with experience with student ministries.  A combination of education and experience which demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job is required.
Must be a Christian and reflect Christian principles in all behavior and actions.

**If you are interested in applying for this position
    Contact:     Steve Canady, Chairman, Personnel Committee
Phone: 919-818-0248
 January 29, 2018